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Working with a designer can be a painful process. It’s sometimes a balancing act — to be sensitive to a designer’s creative process or to tell the designer exactly how you want it done?

Some days you just want to tell them what to do, and how to do it. On other days, you just have an idea and a list of what you don’t want to see, and hope that the designer gets it.

Here’s where MOTM can help build and visualise your ideas.

Our design team has experience working closely with marketing teams to quickly convert creative briefs into compelling marketing communication pieces that include EDMs, brochures, logos that connect with your audiences.

On the other hand, if you know what you want and need help to refine the look for a more polished and professional finish, let us know and we’ll get it done – pronto.

MOTM is a creative boutique agency and we’ve been working with clients from the finance, fashion and lifestyle industries. Share with us what you want (or don’t want), when you want it, and let us do the work for you.

DM us to find out how we can help you with your creative needs.

  • Customised creative services
  • Quick edits, fast turnaround
  • Gets what you want
  • Efficient and professional

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What we do


Together with our printing partner, ChannelWerkz Pte Ltd, we are a one-stop shop for brochures, billing inserts and other marketing collaterals from conceptualisation and design to production and dissemination.

Campaign Visuals & Digital Ads

We’re adept at creating key artwork using photos, stock images and illustrations that can then be adapted to static or animated social ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Copywriting & Content Creation

We develop content strategies and create engaging written and visual content around them, including social media, thought-leadership articles, and marketing and advertising campaigns.

Corporate Sales Kits

We create inventive corporate sales kits, which can include customised folders, sales factsheets, infographics, etc., to help sales managers capture and retain the attention of prospective clients.

Logo Design & Infographics

We develop distinct and unique logos for your brand that can be reinforced with a full corporate identity that defines your typography, brand colours, print and digital applications, and more.

Presentation Decks

Impress at every meeting with a professional and modern presentation, pitch or brand portfolio deck. We distil information and jazz it up with sleek slide layouts and relevant graphics.

Video Production

Merging our visual eye and our video production partner’s expertise, our capabilities include corporate profile videos, motion graphics, online commercials, how-to videos and event coverage.

Website Design & Development

We work closely with web development experts to develop the flow and design of websites that will amplify your business online, from a distinctive yet simple landing page to a full-fledged, interactive website.